Hi!  I'm Jill Fleming, MS, RD     

It's my life mission to help anyone who struggles to lose weight. As a Registered Dietitian specializing in weight loss for 30 years, I have discovered the easiest path to permanent weight loss. 

I can show you how to stop emotional eating, control cravings and end self-sabotage for good. It's never just about your diet! Using a few simple tools, you can retrain your brain to put you on the success path to a slimmer body. 

In our online program Retrain Your Brain to Lose 25 Pounds, you will discover the proven weight loss principles.  Next you will learn the simple daily process to begin easily releasing your excess weight. You will then begin to change your identity and process uncomfortable emotions, even if they are from past trauma. 

Many of my clients release their first 25 pounds in 6-12 weeks. I often hear the comment: "This is so easy!" I am so exciting to show you how to become my next success story, even if you don't yet believe it is possible!

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“Jill's program taught me that every day is an opportunity to make small changes. Those small changes all lead me to who I am now, a confident, healthy and optimistic person  who by the way, feels great in her jeans.  ”


Jennifer Berenz

Easily Release Excess Weight Permanently

You will be amazed by how lean and confident you feel in your clothes as your excess weight is released... never to return. 

Stop Emotional Eating & Over-Eating

Learn how to feel uncomfortable emotions & process past trauma (stuck emotions) without wanting to numb with food or drink. 

Feel More Energetic, Youthful & Healthy

As your energy progressively increases, you will find yourself wanting to move your body more. You will also lower blood pressure, cholesterol & blood sugar levels without drugs.

Retrain Your Brain to Lose 25 Pounds Course

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Easily Change Your Identity 
You will no longer be a chronic dieter. You will become a person who is not thinking about food all day long. The pictures you make in your mind, combined with your self-talk create who you are being. Simple techniques will produce instant change.

Stop Emotional Eating & Over-Eating
You can feel uncomfortable emotions (boredom, anxiety, stress) without turning to food or drink
. Some of your stuck-emotions are a result of past trauma and need to be released. I will teach you how to do it for each craving and emotion. 

Step-by Step Process
Each action step is easy and doable. Start with the first one until it becomes a habit and then add the next one. As you release your first 25 pounds, take comfort knowing your weight loss will be permanent!

*Most of my clients drop their first 25 pounds in 6-12 weeks, with some going on to release more than 100 pounds over the course of a year!

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How to Build the Bridge to Your Desired Weight Goal

Watch this 5-minute training showing you how to reach your weight loss goal. Your weight loss journey is unique to you, so your bridge will not look exactly like everyone else's.  

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