Exercise in morning for weight loss

Do I need to exercise in the morning?

exercise weight loss Nov 29, 2022

Did you move your body for 30 minutes this morning?  

I find it easiest to just think of it as a rule I follow... I always move my body before my first feeding.  For anyone who is new to me, I know the term "feeding" seems strange.  There is a reason I love using this term, but that is for another day.

Someone asked me the question:  what is the reason for getting up early to exercise and is it ok if I do it a little later on the weekends?  

Great question!  Keep those questions coming.

The key is to move your body for 30 minutes prior to your first feeding.  Some days you may be going for a walk just before it is time to eat.  That's ok.  

You only need to get up earlier than usual if you need to be somewhere in the morning, like work.  If you are retired, you can probably wake up at your normal time. 

The reasons you want to move your body in the morning are:  #1) Mental Health.  Exercise pumps feel-good hormones throughout your body.  This improves thinking, so you feel more positive & optimistic all day.  #2) Helps Release Body Fat.  Your body requires oxygen to release stored body fat.  The majority of your burned off body fat will be released as CO2 as you exhale.  You are helping the plants and trees get bigger as you get smaller. 😄 #3) Improves Sleep.  When you have physically moved your body, you will sleep better at night.  

There are many additional benefits to moving your body, especially in the beginning of your day, but these 3 are the most important.  If you push your exercise to the end of the day, something more important always comes up. Plus, you will have to think about it all day.  Do it in the morning, star your calendar and 💥 BAM!  You are done. 

Exercise is not a good weight loss tool, but is an excellent wellness and mental health tool.  When you improve your mental health and thinking, you will be less likely to want to eat due to uncomfortable emotions or boredom.  Losing weight permanently is 80% thinking and 20% doing.  

Have your exercised your body yet this morning?  What did you do?  How good do you feel now that it is done?

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