Are you ready to get off the diet roller coaster?

Oct 07, 2022

If you are ready to get off the diet roller coaster, I am here to help!  Never start a diet to lose weight if you know you won't be able to follow it forever.  The key to keeping off the weight you lose is to keep doing what worked to lose the weight in the first place.  

I have been helping individuals release excess body fat (and keep it off) for the past 30 years by teaching simple lifestyle choices that they can continue forever.  Sure, the latest fad diet seems exciting, but you should be able to tell if it is a high nutritional quality diet that you can follow forever.  If it seems like something you may only be able to do for a short time... it is best not to even start it.  

Small changes that you can live with forever are key.  Maybe you start out by not eating after 7pm.  This will help you consume fewer calories and go to bed without a full stomach, both are beneficial to weight loss.  Once you conquer this habit, you will be ready to add another healthy choice.  It really can be this easy and even fun to lose weight.  

If you are ready to follow a proven step-by-step process, based on the four proven weight loss principles, watch the free Retrain Your Brain for Weight Loss Success video.  This 30 minute training will help you  begin to alter your identity to that of a naturally lean person.  Today is a great day to get started!

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