Happy New Year!

retrain your brain program weight loss Dec 31, 2022
Happy New Year!!! Time to reflect on 2022. What went well and what can be improved? Don't beat yourself up over mistakes... learn from them and don't repeat them.
If you plan to set a New Year's Resolution, don't focus on the end desired goal... instead, focus on the daily actions that will get you there. Tracking your actions on the calendar or in a notebook is one of the keys to making permanent changes.
Start the New Year with 1 or 2 positive health habits, such as drinking 100oz water and getting 7-8 hours sleep per night. These two simple habits can help balance your hunger hormones and get you closer to your optimal weight goal.
You don't need to be perfect, just get started! Plan how you will make your new health goals an easy part of your daily routine. Set yourself up for success. Your goal should be to pick the 1 or 2 new choices that you will be willing to do forever, not just the month of January.
If you want to know the short-cut, I have it and would love to show you how. Check out our Retrain Your Brain to Lose 25# online program at www.atomicweight-loss.com. Won't it be fun to be looking back at 2023 one year from today and say "2023 was the year I finally reached my weight loss goal!"?

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