Pass on the Pasta Please!

food & recipes Nov 08, 2022

Why no pasta?  

As many of my star-students will say "nothing is absolute!"  I am not saying you can never eat pasta again, but during your weight loss phase, it will make it easier to reach your goal.

White flour is highly addictive.  It will make you want more.  It may even set you up for a binge-eating session.  

White flour raises your blood sugar, almost as high as sugar.  When your blood sugar goes up, your pancreas releases insulin.  Insulin is a fat-storage hormone.  Is your goal to add more fat to your body?

White flour gives you zero nutrition, other than the calories.  Proven weight loss principle #1 is to create a calorie deficit... not an excess. 

On a personal note, after avoiding pasta for approximately 6 months, I had a desire for pasta with cheese.  So I made a batch... yes, I used the whole box of thin spaghetti.  It was a healthier pasta, as it had some extra protein, but the box made 7 servings!

A much better alternative to regular pasta is chickpea or cauliflower pasta. Zucchini noodles are also an excellent substitute!

When combining sugar + fat, such as noodles + cheese, your body has a much easier time storing excess body fat.  Needless to say, I ate all 7 servings over a few days.  Then I started craving cookies and desserts.  I was starting to feel those "out-of-control" cravings from my past.

I sat down with my journal and did a little back-tracking.  Having a few stressful days caused me to want some of my comfort foods.  For me, that's pasta and cookies!  I know that giving into that first bite will give me an instant seat on the crazy-train (now I'm singing Ozzy's song).  

You know which foods or ingredients do this to you too!  Don't take that first bite!  It's a trap!  If it is stress leading you to temptation, have a good alternative ready.  Journaling or stepping outside for some fresh air is my usual go-to these days.  

Which food have you eaten recently that made you feel out-of-control?  Was it that slice of pie?  A cookie (or 5)?  Some pasta?  How did you feel?  What is a good alternative for you, when you are experiencing an uncomfortable emotion?

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